In our last Tuesday’s class, we decided to keep a track of our actions on a daily basis. Basically, each one of us took a chart to stick on the fridge (or in the closet if we don’t want everyone to see what we did) and mark our actions. The chart had a daily check mark section for a whole month for:

  • Did I lie today:
  • Did I backbite today:
  • Did I hurt someone’s feelings on purpose today:
  • Did I break a promise today:
  • Was I proud today:
  • Did I control my anger today:
  • Did I try to concentrate in my paryers today:
  • Did I only say good things from my mouth today:

We will see how it is coming along for everyone next Tuesday inshaAllah. I thought maybe the readers here can benefit from this too. Especially when I read Mouse’s post on Muslimmatters, I thought maybe this can be used as a suggestion and pass out this chart to family members. As a reminder we briefly discussed in the class: (more…)