Yes I am! Those who were wondering what happened…well I went to visit home, the H-town…i.e. Houston!! Can u believe it, I went there after 1.5 years!!!

It was a very nice trip. Originally I went there for 2 weeks but ended up staying for 4 weeks instead. I must say that once anyone had the opportunity to live in Houston no other place, at least in US, can be as enjoyable. One thing both me and my husband agreed on is that if our move to over-seas doesn’t work out, we are definitely going back to Houston inshaAllah!

My elder brother, with his family, joined me in Houston from Saudi. It was fun and kids had a blast with their cousins. My mother, of course, treasured every moment with her children and grand-children. The toughest moment for me was to leave my mother when I was coming back.

My brother flew with me along with his family and stayed here for 10 days. We were touring outside most of the days.  The next day after my brother left, Allah azzawajal blessed us with more guests. They stayed with us until Sunday.

So, today was my first “normal” day! I think me and kids will take this whole week to get back on schedule and get over all the tiredness.