I am taking the Teaching Methodology class at AOU, and I am reading this book, “How to be an Effective Teacher: The First Days of School”. Although, the book is meant for ‘professional’ teachers and how to handle students/ in a school etc. I think every mother AND father should read this book. I learned so much from this book. Basically, the book is divided in 5 sections.

1. The Teacher: 3 characteristic of an ‘effective’ teacher

2. Positive Expectations: What are positive expectations and how should a teacher apply that to make students successful.

3. Classroom Management: (this is my favorite chapter) It discusses from discipling students, to keeping them busy, to applying rules and procedures (very nice explanations of how rules are different from ‘procedures’).

4. Lesson Mastery: how to design lesson plan, how to make sure that the lesson plan is ‘effective’ and how to help students with tests and exams.

5. The Professional: how it is important for a teacher to constantly learn and grow to become a ‘proessional’ educator.

After I am done reading the book, inshaAllah I will outline the main points from each chapter and post them here so mothers and others can benefit! 🙂