The Forbearance of Ali Ibn Hussain (radiaAllahu anhu)

Abdur Razzaq related that a slave girl who belonged to Ali ibn Hussain
(radiaAllahu anhu), was pouring water over him so that he could make ablution. But
the jug fell from her hand, landed on his face and fractured his bone.

He raised his head to her and she recited a part of the Qur’an’s verse:

“…Who repress anger…”

He said, “I have indeed controlled my anger”.

She then recited,

“…Who pardon men…”

He said, “May Allah forgive you”

She then recited the end of the verse,

“…Verily Allah love al-muhsineen (3:134)” (Al-muhsineen means the good

He said, “You are freed for the countenance of Allah”


We, human beings are error prone and faults happen often. It
is not befitting for a Muslim to be angry on every occasion he finds
fault. Allah is oft forgiving, and as a representative of Islam, we must
also restrain ourselves from blowing up at everyone, every time and try
to bear with patience.

…and Allah loves the patient.(3:146)

How to implement?

* Before lecturing your kids to restrain anger, present yourself
at the very best in this regard. Your children follow your

* Do not go around teaching others about this story and how to
implement it, rather, practice it and when questioned, present

* Rather than having wall paintings / picture frames, use such
verses in your house, especially in your kids room, and let them
read it often, the more they get their attention to such verses,
the more their hearts will soften insha’Allah.

* As you would teach your children for salah, teach them other
Islamic morals like patience, and reward them as well.

* If your children / young siblings present the same verse to
you, when you are in anger, relax, do not retaliate, but make it a
lesson for you and others as well.

(Author Unknown)