The problem with certain Western Muslims is that they have put too much emphasis on their ‘brain power’ believing their finite brains can have infinite abilities to understand what is beyond any human intellect. Just on the contrary, the problem with Pakistani Muslims is that they have preserved their brains believing that the usage of this muscle may open their eyes to the reality of their situation and so they have managed to exist in—ignorance.

As much as I enjoyed my recent visit to Pakistan (with all the family and food!), I was quite disappointed to see how mass majority blindly trust the so-called ‘peers/faqeers’ and the high status they have among the people. I am not going to discuss the ‘theological’ wrong with this practice. If one wants to learn that then it is best to read Bilal Philp’s “Fundamentals of Tawheed” or better yet register in AlMaghrib’s course of Aqeedah 101 with Sh. Yasir Qadhi.

However, it must be realized that not only most of these ‘peers’ charge a fortune to write amulets (It is funny how they have an amulet for every problem that people approach them with), but many indulged in heinous crime of raping women—an obvious evil that comes out of an inherently wrong belief that the ‘peers’ have solution to every difficulty!

Let me outline the ‘difficulties’ most of these peers are approached with:

  1. Infertility or the desire to have a ‘son’: the woman goes to get a special ‘amulet’.
  2. A girl cannot seem to be getting married/ or refuses to get married to the one her parents wants her to marry, so her family believes that she is under a spell or possessed and she must be treated by an ‘amulet’.
  3. A wife cannot get along with her husband and in her effort to make her husband love her she tries to get the (guess again!) miraculous ‘amulet’!

Have these people ever heard of ‘DUA’! In all honesty, the people who approach these peers with this blind faith are not any less blameworthy for the evil that befalls them. However, my heart cries for those girls who are forced to go to these peers by their parents and end up becoming their toy.

This video below with no audio (for those who cannot read Urdu) is taken from GEO program ‘GUMNAM’ where an unknown man records these incidents with a hidden camera. Apparently the first lady was being treated for infertility and when no amulet worked out for her, she agreed with the “peer” to get inseminated by him!

The second girl, however, was forced to go to the “peer” by her mother who thought that the girl was possessed. This “peer” conveniently gets rid of the mother by telling her that he has to treat the girl alone, rapes her, and then threaten her to keep quite!

What is wrong with these people? Do they not fear Allah? They sit at the mausoleums claiming that they are the ‘closer’ ones to Allah…

May Allah azzawjal protect us from this fitan, and guide us all to what will truly bring us closer to Him.