Halloween Wednesday, Oct 31 2007 

A friend forwarded me this article:


By: A Palmer.

Halloween is an annual Western celebration based on Celtic and European pagan doctrines and traditionally applied to the evening of October 31st. It is derived from rituals involving dead spirits and devil worship and symbolizes the beginning of the ancient Druid’s New Year, who hold that the dead revisit their homes at that time. In essence, Halloween represents the devil worshipper’s New Year. Muslim commemoration of such a day is therefore sinful and haram; as it involves the most evil elements of polytheism and disbelief. Indeed, participation in Halloween is worse than participation in Christmas, Easter or Good Friday, as those innovated days commemorate the birth and supposed death of a Prophet, whereas Halloween is a commemoration of the worshippers of Satan. Thus, participation in it is more sinful than congratulating the Christians for their prostration to the crucifix. (more…)

The Annual Muslim Fashion Show called Eid Prayer Saturday, Oct 20 2007 

My Eid prayer was not as bad as the sister is describing in her article below. Mainly because I prayed Eid in a different city and it was relatively a very small community compared to hers. But I can totally understand her frustration because once I used to be in her city too, and no doubt, it used to be ‘fashion show’!


by Asma bint Shameem

Subhaan Allaah! Eid seems to be becoming more and more bizarre with each passing year!

You can’t help but notice that when you look at everyone who shows up for the annual (well, actually twice yearly) Muslim fashion show, also known as the ‘Eid prayer!
Just one look at the sisters and you’ll know what I mean….beautifully made up faces, salon done hair, shimmering clothes and glittering jewelry, not to mention the sleeveless shirts, stilettos, and waves after waves of perfume!
Subhaan Allaah!
Is this what Eid is all about??!!

EID MUBARAK Friday, Oct 19 2007 

A belated Eid Mubarak to everyone.  TaqabAllahu minni wa minkum.

SubhanAllah Ramadhan flew by so fast!

This is my second Eid without my family.  So I am still new at this having-no-family-around-phenomenon on eid. But we went out of town and rather did our Eid with the whales!! 🙂 It was nice and fun, different and cold!

So, to fill the gap of having no people around on Eid, we are having a big huge Eid party at my home this Sunday inshaAllah. More details can be found on my kids’ blogs! 🙂

Misunderstandings… Friday, Oct 19 2007 

I wrote this post back in Ramadhan but never got to post it. So here it is now:

We’d been enjoying our wonderful taraweeh at our masjid ever since Ramadan started. MashaAllah our Imam’s recitation is beautiful. After every few rak’ahs, we have to rearrange the rows in women side because some leave, or go downstairs to drink water etc. A couple days ago, only a few sisters were left to pray after almost 16 rak’ahs were over. I noticed that we had only one row left and it was completely broken. There were sisters on the right corner and on the left corner and a huge space in the middle. So me and another sister tried to pull the sisters from the right towards the left as they were fewer on that side. But it was taking too long because of the gap being unusually longer in the middle. After moving 3-4 sisters , I thought I would miss my rak’ah and I also noticed that the next few sisters to be moved were all Pakistani…they looked very Pakistani 🙂 (if you know what I mean!). So I thought to myself that they might not even move and they might mind me moving them in the middle of their prayer (based on my past experience with older Pakistani ladies who, perhaps, don’t realize the importance of completing the saff). (more…)