I hope and pray that this Ramadan brings many blessings for everyone and that we all increase and strenghten our Imaan.

I have assigned a Ramadan Project for my Friday class and hope to discuss the outcome of that project here. I hope that inshaAllah it helps everyone in the class and anyone who reads about it here.

Basically,  we all made a firm commitment, inshaAllah, to improve our ‘ikhlaaq’ (manners) to such an extent that everyone around us feel and notice a change in us. Since, our family members are the closest people to us and are the first ones to notice a change in us, I told my students that I will be calling their mothers and ask them if they noticed any positive change in their daughters. So be prepared, here goes the list:

1.  Parents: Absolutely no talking back to parents. Show them utmost respect and no matter what happens and what they ask for, the answer must be positive and respectful.

2. Siblings: Treat the siblings with love and respect. If they are older, be respectful and if they are younger be kind to them. No rude answers!

3. Teachers: Be respectful to your teacher at school. YES to your teachers girls!

4. Neighbors: Do something special for them. Cook/Bake something and take it to them especially to the mean ones!

5. Language control: no bad words, mean words or even silly words. Absolutely no usage of stupid, pissed off, idiot etc. etc. (I think I only allowed silly and dumb).

6. Tongue in Check: No back biting, period. Just don’t talk about others.

7.  Anger Management: It is obvious that we cannot stop ourselves from getting angry but our reaction in anger must be different. No fights, bad mouthing, screaming etc. Whatever we do, it must be different then our usual reaction i.e. come up with some positive way to release your anger.

8. Smile: Just keep the two ends of your lips a little more extended then their usual place. It is this simple. This is not limited to Muslims only but everyone that you see!

All this may seem hard to accomplish, but keep in mind that it is only for 30 days. Just THIRTY.

Lets get busy and let us know how it works out everyday.