Sins…if only one thing we can avoid in this world would definitely be our sins…especially the minor sins because they seem so trivial!

I found this article in my old folder of Daughters of Adam magazine. It was written by Arwa Jibaly and sure was a nice reminder:


How many times, upon advising one of our sisters, her reply is something like this, “Oh! Why do you bother with such small issues? These are petty matters that Allah azzawjal can overlook. Stop picking at the small things, it’s the big sins which matter! As long as I stay away from them, I am fine.”

It would be unfair to say that we ourselves are not guilty of belittling sins. How often do we brush away what we know is a faulty action but we would never admit (or maybe stop to think) is a sin? How often do we assure ourselves that one more gossip-filled visit, one sillier chick-flick, really can’t hurt? Maybe more often than we care to admit.

Why is it that every female on earth understands that one-too-many cookies adds up to a bodily disaster, but only a minute percentage of us understands that one-too-many slips in our religion adds up to an eternal disaster which can never be jogged off? (more…)