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Discourses in the Intellectual Traditions, Political Situation, and Social Ethics of Muslim Life

This site is dedicated to issues relating to Muslims and Islam: Social, political and religious. Random rants and light humor. We are especially concerned with affairs of Muslims in the West. We challenge ourselves and our readers to engage in discourses that touch our lives as citizens of the West, While maintaining our individual Islamic identities;
Ultimately to cooperate, but not to compromise.

Editorial Staff:

  • Ruth (formerly blogged on Houston Chronicle)
  • Ibn Abee Omar (formerly of “Lota Enterprises”)
  • Amad (formerly of “Musings of a Muslim Mind”)
  • AnonyMouse (formerly of “Musings of a Muslim Mouse”)
  • Ahmad AlFarsi, pursuing his Masters at MIT.

Guest Writers:

  • Yasir Qadhi, Instructor at AlMaghrib, PhD candidate at Yale
  • Tawfique Chowdhury is the founder of AlKawthar Institute
  • Amir Bulter, who writes for Austrolabe
  • Abu Bakr, who writes for Islamicsciences blog