Sometimes I feel like altering my childhood, making a few changes here and there 🙂
Come on…no harm thinking about it, right?!

When I was small, I used to read Surah Yasin a lot. I suppose all Pakistanis consider Surah Yasir to be ‘the special’ surah of the Qur’an. I too, used to seek special blessings from it. I remember making ‘nadhar’ (oath), “if I get an A in my exam I would read Yasin 3 times in one day!”

Well, I got many As, so I ended up reading Yasin many times, 3 times a day 🙂 And that is perhaps why when I was making my daughter memorize it, I could almost read the Surah back to her without even going over it once. I never memorized this surah, just read it more then usual (mostly when I was under 10). And same happened when my son started memorizing it. He thought I had memorized it and forgot! He was surprised that I didn’t need a mushaf to listen to his surah.

Now I wish I could make this change in my childhood and instead of saying, “I would read Yasin 3 times, I would read the whole Qur’an 3 times a day” Ah! Such a wishful thought!

In any case, based on my personal experience and others’ I humbly disagree with those who think the age to memorize Qur’an is rather after 10 or older. I say, the right age is to finish memorizing before the age of 10! Anything goes in mind during this time is like ‘written in stone’!

Most Indian/Pakistanis (don’t know what Arabs do) spend these early ages of their children just making them read Qur’an, just plain reading (or nadhirah). I don’t see the benefit of doing this because simply making the sounds of words and reading it once doesn’t really benefit. And once the child finishes reading the Qur’an once (with looking), it is considered as ‘mission accomplished’! I wish more people take advantage of precious little empty brains.