Today as I sat comfortably in my warm house (alhamdullilah), I didn’t ‘suffer’ from the cold front that hit DE yesterday, except that my internet connection was cut off for few hours of the day. And my husband’s flight kept getting cancelled until he had to rent a car and drive back home!

I could see from the window everything white, even the trees completely covered with snow. My van was partially buried under the snow and since I didn’t have to go any where, I didn’t bother cleaning the drive way.

Later today, me and my children walked to the masjid (which is 5 minutes walking from my house). It was fun. I was completely covered with long warm coat, gloves, and socks and so were my children, alhamdullialh. But then my mind started wondering around and I started thinking what if I had to walk through this snow without these warm covering on myself?

My children were running around, enjoying and playing with snow, but what if they were forced to stay in this cold without any warm layers? What if I had to helplessly see my children shiver, while I couldn’t cover them with any warm clothes?!

I thought of those homeless people I often used to see lying down under one of the freeway bridges. What would they be doing right now? At least I knew when I start getting too cold and can’t bear it anymore; I have a nice warm house to go back to alhamdullialh. What about those homeless people? What goes through their minds when they get too cold? How do they comfort themselves? What do those mothers do when their children cry and they don’t have a warm blanket to cover them with?

SubhanAllah, how many blessings Allah has blessed me with and how little do I thank my Rabb. Or do I thank my Rabb at all? How many times have I thanked Him for the heater, or for the blankets and comforters, or the warm coats and gloves, or the warm socks and shoes, or the warm water that runs through faucets…and the more I thought the more blessings kept adding up and I couldn’t finish counting them.

And then my train of thought was interrupted as I reached home and got busy in my life again…

“…Verily, man is indeed a manifest ingrate!” (43:15)

“Say it is He Who has created you, and endowed you with hearing (ears), seeing (eyes), and hearts. Little thanks you give.” (67:23)

May Allah azzawjal make us from among the shakereen.