One of my friends needs help in making some serious decisions about this issue. I am not sure what to tell her.

If she had asked me this question before I got married, I would have given her a ‘good to go if the guy is religious.’ But now, that I am older and have matured more, I think there are many factors to consider in a marriage.

My husband is also Pakistani, so I can’t speak out of experience. But I have ‘heard’ about problems in inter-cultural marriages. Not to say that same culture marriages don’t have problems, but to be precise, cultural differences affect the marriage.

Sometimes, I think people take it too far. Like, in Pakistan people from one province will not marry off their daughters to a man from a different province because of ‘cultural’ difference, like Punjabis not marrying those who are from Northern part of the country or those who migrated and vice versa.

But sometimes, I also see the validity of taking precautions, like many of my friends who grew up here i.e. ABCDs, refused to marry just because the brother was a FOB! And their primary argument was that he would never be able to ‘understand’ them. But what about if both of them grow up here but come from different backgrounds, i.e. one is Arab and the other one is Pakistani, or Bengali, or Malaysian or an American?!